Persevere 0.8ft Short Garden Hose Faucet Hose Extension Adapter Kink-Free Flexible Water Hose for Hose Reel/RV/Dehumidifier


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  • External material: outer layer high strength PET (anti high and low temperature anti aging effect).
  • Internal material: the inner layer adopts the latest PU spiral tube design (non-toxic and environment-friendly drinking water grade material, 360 degree bending, never discount).
  • Function: connect the hose and the faucet, and play the role of anti folding, keep the water even. If the flexible hose is not installed and the water pipe is installed directly, the water pipe may be discounted and the water will not come out.
  • Protector: easy to protect your garden hose (spiral hose protector).
  • Connection: 3 / 4 "FHT x 3 / 4" MHT, widely used in car spray clConnection: 3 / 4 "FHT x 3 / 4" MHT, widely used in car spray cleaning, floor cleaning and other daily life.eaning, floor cleaning and other daily life.