Persevere Garden Hose 50 ft Heavy Duty Water Hose 5/8,180PSI Kink Resistant,Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Flexible Hose for Plants,Lawn & Garden Watering Equipment, 3/4 Solid Fittings


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  • 👍Specifications and Dimensions: This garden hose has a length of 50 feet (approximately 15.2 meters) and a diameter of 5/8 inch (approximately 1.59 centimeters). The size of the fittings is 3/4 inch (approximately 1.91 centimeters). It can withstand a high pressure of up to 180 psi (approximately 12.4 bar). It demonstrates excellent pressure resistance, making it suitable for various garden irrigation needs.
  • 👍Anti-Folding and Anti-Twisting: The inner wall of the hose is designed with a unique steel wire spiral spring as a skeletal support. When the hose is bent at any angle of 360 degrees, the inner bore maintains a constant circular shape without deformation, folding, or twisting, allowing unobstructed water flow. It eliminates your major concerns.
  • 👍Wear Resistance: The hose incorporates an innovative design that combines rigid and flexible materials, offering both the wear resistance of rigid materials and the flexibility of rubber. This design enhances the lifespan of the hose.
  • 👍New Material Coupler: The coupler is made of high-tech golden aerospace alloy material, featuring environmental friendliness, non-toxicity, resistance to aging, and strong durability
  • 👍 CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We stand behind our product and offer a full refund or replacement if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Contact us anytime with questions or concerns.